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How well do your managers and staff really understand equality and diversity and why they are so important?
How strongly do they 'buy in' to your culture?
How do you know?

Managers may know what they would like their diversity business culture to be but does reality match perception? Ethical Training has teamed with a specialist IT training Company to produce an affordable and very effective way of measuring this.

The Culture Profiler enables you to establish up to 3 types of profile for a team or organisation:

Desired - How the culture 'should be'
Current - How the culture 'currently is'
Individual - How an individual would 'prefer' the culture to be


We work with you to create a survey which meets your specific business needs.
We compile a comprehensive picture of the range of opinions and levels of understanding within your business
We provide you with comprehensive feedback and user friendly graphs to show what the current picture on equality and diversity really is in your organisation
We enable a qualified action plan to be successfully implemented.
RESULT…Enables a real and considered change in the operating culture of your business



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