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It's An Issue For YOUR Organisation

Organisations struggle to keep up with increasing legal, ethical and environmental obligations. But people are increasingly looking to buy from ethical companies, and organisations that show good practices notice that they bring tangible business benefits:
Build Sales
- many buyers expect their sources to show ethical and social responsibility
Keep an Edge on your Competitors - by developing the potential of your people
Manage Your Reputation
Enhance Trust and Customer Loyalty
Avoid Costly and Damaging Tribunals
Be Ethical and Successful
- Business Ethics is not an oxymoron !

• Legal Responsibilities / Duty of Care
The legal responsibilities of an employer together with their duty of care towards employees have increased a great deal and will continue to do so. Our carefully designed training programmes and support services will enable employers, both large and small, to fulfill their legal and moral responsibilities

In the Republic of Ireland allegations of ageism make up 19% of all discrimination claims (The Law Society) - and there is NO ceiling to the amount a tribunal can award. Age discrimination in employment is unlawful in the UK from 1st October 2006 - are YOU aware of what you need to do (and not do !) ?
The 'Feel Good Factor'
A motivated employee base with high morale will be a committed employee base and likely to reach performance targets. Putting a range of practical training and support services in place provides a low cost way for employers to tangibly indicate their commitment to their employees and customers
Businesses that are socially irresponsible not only lose customers. Often those customers engage in damaging campaigns (Business in the Community)
Attraction and Retention of Quality Staff
A high turnover of staff can lead to an unsettled workforce and to constant training and retraining of new and existing staff. By showing that they have in place an appropriate training and support package, employers are able to demonstrate that they take staff issues seriously, which will help to attract and retain loyal and committed staff.
1 in 5 workers report feeling extremely stressed at work. Stress has overtaken the common cold as the number one reason for absence (HSE). (Gee Publishing,‘Absence Audit’).
Minimise Costs of Absence
More than 2 million people of working age are off work for a period that will last 6 months or more (DSS 2004). Many employees feel the need to hide problems from their employer, as they fear invoking disciplinary procedures (GMB). If employees no longer feel the need to hide issues they may have and employers are able to offer support and information in-house, this can cut down on absenteeism, which is costly and time consuming for employers
Last year, sickness absence cost UK employers over £11 billion (UNUM Provident Ltd)



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